WikiLeaks found info on P2P networks, say snoops
Global bank detail thefts rocket
Cranberry firm: WikiLeaks actively searched for documents
WikiLeaks obtains much secret data from P2P nets, not leaks, firm claims
Did WikiLeaks' Assange Use LimeWire and Kazaa to Search User Hard Drives?
WikiLeaks accused of tapping P2P for secret docs
No Smoking Gun In Hints That WikiLeaks Actively Stole Data
Does WikiLeaks Gain Its Info Through Peer-to-Peer Networks?
Claim: WikiLeaks Published Documents Siphoned Over File Sharing Software
WikiLeaks may have exploited music, photo networks to get data
US Probes Wikileaks' File Sharing; Wikileaks Denies Accusations
Wikileaks May Have Used Music, Photo Networks to Get Data

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